Finally purchased my t480s for university after mooonths of reading reviews and reddit posts. I hoped that the mbp refresh wouldn't be so expensive :( I've got a mid 2009 from work which no one used so they let me take it home and yeah to be honest i like it very much. i wanted learn programming for ios & android, but honestly paying 2,3K€ (student price for the 13" i5 16gb ram 512gb ssd) and having the risk of a (maybe or maybe not) failing keyboard and no chance of upgrading it is too risky for me and my wallet :( I paid 1,5K€ (again student price) for the thinkpad (i7 16gb ram 512gb ssd and the mx150) and i think i'll love it :)

Just wanted to share with you guys :) (i hope i didn't start a pc vs mac fight haha)

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    that's wayy overpriced... I've built myself a pc for 750€ - ryzen 5 1600, samsung 960 EVO 250gb nvme, 8gb ram, 1050ti, everything in a MINI-ITX package. I could upgrade the ram, and I did add a hdd, which was free, so for extra what, 80€ I would have a 6 core 12 thread 16gb pc ready for gaming/workload no problem. And I do development on this already, 8gb ram is enough.. :) I would advice you to get a pc if it's possible and a cheap 13-14" laptop for when you need to be on the way when this laptop gets older.

    But congrats anyway, fresh tech is always exciting.
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    @pionell that's a nice setup 👍 thanks 😄
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