That moment when you can't help but drop from the lecture.


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    Probably a MATLAB class for engineers, I can barely call that abomination a language.
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    @tokumei Mathlab? did you mean:
    Matrixlab, Craplab? That sucker can be fast but it eats ram faster than chrome...

    Thats why on my crap pc i used c# instead

    (I know its more work but its WORTH IT: more control over the data, you dont need to guess inputs and outputs, easy gui design for stuff!, advanced debbuging and data conversion, sanitasion.)

    Thats my opinion. What is yours?
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    Did you realise that your tag: Arrays start at 0! means that they start at 1?

    Because 0! = 1 by the definicion 😋
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    We should actually make 0 and 1 the same index by running factorial on indexes less than or equal to 1 and greater than or equal to 0
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    If not wrong, that's the MIT class on Algorithms,right? They state that they assume arrays start at 1 because of the course book, CLRS, and to focus on core algorithms not array or language wars
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    @tokumei MATLAB an abomination?
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    @tokumei It is MITs Introduction to Algorithms. So only pseudocode.
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    @CodesNotHot University is where I started my first language wars. Not with the lecturers but with other students.
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    @Gregozor2121 Oh the irony.
    But of course it is meant as an exclamation mark here.
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    A professor in my uni starts array from 1. Lol
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    Diehard LUA fan
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    @Gregozor2121 My opinion? I wouldn't use C#. Most of my personal devices proudly run Linux, and Wine/Mono (though I hear Microsoft is starting to endorse Mono) are still pretty unstable. Even if they get much better, I'm pretty sure I would prefer code that can run natively on Linux.
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    @tokumei regarding C#, I know it won't change preferences but just as an fyi you can compile dot net core apps to Linux.
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