Thank god for Git. I fucked up my webpage beyond repair and I am not an expert in html div alignments. I pulled in a commit I did an hour ago and at least got the page back to normal. I don't even want to imagine what devs did before the days of source control. D:

Tomorrow will be spent learning how to better follow closing </div> tags. :(

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    Probably just had multiple copies of the same files




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    What they did? It was and still is called backuping, man. :)
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    Before source control you'd get dozens of folders named things like "project June 2018 (copy) version 4 FINAL (Copy) (copy) TWEAKED ", you know, the same naming scheme as any document sent by a client. At least that's what I gathered from once working on a project where the tech lead didn't know any vcs...
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    @arazzz *backing-up
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