What you guys do on Sundays? Saturdays I pay the bills, run some errands and study.

Sundays I wish I has something to apply muy mind to, other than code.

Any recomendations?

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    Just now I subscribed to Xbox gold. I started playing games two months before.
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    Maybe I should follow your steps
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    Spending time with the family. Cooking. Reading.
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    Usually Sundays are a day like any other. This Sunday however I spend the night mostly unfucking my laptop at the hardware level (as I've been able to confirm that my recovery actions with the rootfs USB flash drive on the server were able to properly unfuck the system at the software level) and got decent results - the laptop's hinge got recovered and the webcam got removed. Next up followed some tired gaming and drinking.. and soon probably some sleep. The heatwave seems to have ended, but my sleep schedule that mitigated it (be it an excuse for night schedule or not :P) hasn't adapted yet. Besides, 25°C is still quite toasty.. and my apartment seems to take a while to cool down too.
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    I just sleep like a panda 🐼
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    @Deadmau5 all I did today was have a plate of rice and beans, get a phone call from a friend of mine at 1am, and check devrant every time I wake up... so like 3 times total, the rest was just sleep 😂
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    @djlazz3 Sounds like a perfect day! 🤣🤣🤣
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    I play. And game design. And code. But mostly procrastinate :)
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    I usually do my shit on Sundays. Personal projects, I sometimes graft for cheap too, some people prefer Sundays. And I have some drinks and/or joints if I have nothing else to do.
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