Arch Linux users look to other Linux users in the same way as weed smoker look at cigg smoker

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    That doesn't even make sense in the slightest way.
    Should be more like Arch users are smoking dab and all the other joints.

    P.S.: not that I agree with that, just pointing out.
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    Both are disgusting, you shouldn't do either.

    Ofc I'm talking about Arch and other Linux.

    Smoking is just fine.
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    @oudalally man that's heart touching 😂😂😂
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    Quitting smoking is much easier than Linux


    That was best line
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    @oudalally I only like the first booting of Arch in the morning. Everything else I do with Arch is just out of habit. And I don't enjoy it.
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    @oudalally ++ for Debian & FreeBSD in the same comment
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    @Haxk20 but....

    We know that we are now hardcore users and can't just leave Linux easily while maybe a Ubuntu user can (after maybe... Going through a mind manipulator machine?)

    It's like a weed smoker can't just leave smoking weed so easily... A cigg smoker may after trying hard
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    @gitlog hmm, good point 🤔 but unlike weed, Arch is actually a quality drug that doesn't mess up your life.. been there, done that.


    Well I still have some stuff to configure on my Arch boxes.. *non-existing buddy calls to meet* "Sorry pal, I'm not available today! Very important stuff's still pending"

    Well kind of similar to weed then I guess? 😅
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    With their eyes red and barely open with a hint of paranoia?
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    I used to smoke myself but quit nearly a year ago.
    Yeah I'm done with lung-poisoning myself.
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    I smoke weed and use debian.
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