I've been working on migrating my personal e-mail server for nearly a month.

Old (Linode): opensuse 13.1 (no longer gets update) running postfix + amavis-new(with spamassassin and clamav) + dkimproxy + dovecot

New (Vultr): OpenBSD 6.3 running opensmtpd + spampd(spamassassin proxy) + clamav + dkimproxy + dovecot

I'm surprised I only have 5GB of e-mail, considering I migrated all my gmail there a while back; 5GB for ever e-mail since 2004.

I finally got all the DNS switched over and tested all the end points this morning. The whole thing is done in Ansible so hopefully switching to another provider will be a lot faster:


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    What are the advantages of vultr over let's say Digital Ocean?
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    @cgomezmendez Digital Ocean does not like you using their servers for email, you have to special request the port be unblocked and unless you give them a really good reason why you need your own email server they tend to deny your request.
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    Ah I see, I use Zoho for my mail so haven't encounter that problem
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    @gitlab Well Vultr does the same thing. They both require you to put in tickets to get port 25 inbound/outbound unblocked.

    Which is better than Linode which lets anyone run e-mail, so all their subnets tend to get blacklisted.
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