1. How do you feel about on unproductive day?
2. What you will do to overcome unproductive day?
3. Is Arrogance need for to be a good Devloper.?

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    1. Things like that happen sometimes. I'm not a robot.

    2. Set small and short goals.

    3. Definitely not. While it works for some people, for most it does NOT. Just makes everything worse.
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    1. I feel okay about an unproductive day if it's occasional and not part of a pattern. Sometimes some mindless relax is needed.

    2. I make a list of things I need to do, breaking them down into small tasks.

    3. Ivdon't think so, I hope not
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    1. I'm OK with it as long as it doesn't happen too often.

    2. Work on small concrete tasks, or nonprogramming tasks that need doing (documentation, administrative stuff, etc).

    3. Absolutely not, if anything it's the opposite. You should have enough confidence to stand behind your ideas when you have concrete reason to believe that they're good. Beyond that, arrogance prevents you from properly processing and learning from the feedback of others. If you think you're always right no matter what, you're going to make a lot of preventable mistakes and you're going to miss opportunities to learn.
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    1. Bad
    2. Take a short break (though I think I like @8BitOverdose' s recommendation more)
    3. There are no dumb questions, but that's one of them
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    I don't mind unproductive days as long as they are carefully measured to produce productive days.

    Arrogance hides a hole that competency would fill.
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