My video card just died this saturday (a Geforce GTS 250, did an awesome job over these years ). After removing the card from the pci-e slot i wouldn't get scrambled screen output anymore, but Linux Mint did not boot ( it would restart after the grub menu). Now i got managed to install the driver for the radeon onboard card , but Cinnamon still crashes.
But not enough this morning i also trapped a nerv in my back this morning and we got fuckin 33 degrees C in germany.

Anyway , does someone know a good video card in the middle price segment ?

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    Don't know, if its still middle-price, but gtx1060 is pretty good.
    I've got the 6GB version.
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    If you don't need an upgrade, just get a similar card second hand for ten bucks?
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    @LastDigitOfPi or GT 750Ti / GT1030 in lower-middle budget
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