So why is everyone crying about a "heatwave"?
Where I live, we have had 10c all summer

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    when even my weather app shows a fucking desert, it's a heatwave
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    @jonii Yeah, got something like 32°C even before noon. And that's the temperature, not how you feel under the nuclear explosion.

    Worst being when it doesn't even get (that) lower at night, so you're in this suffering position of burning on your bed and trying to sleep.
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    10°C would be comfortably nice 😍
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    Faroe Islands
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    @Stallman If you hear someone knocking on your door in around seven hours, it might be me.
    (Better have a room ready)
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    It was "kinda global". At least, it was in many countries that don't usually have it, at the same time, all over the globe.

    What was the median temp for you last summer?

    What was your parents' median temperature in their summer when they were about your age?

    Don't answer me. Answer yourself though, does it look normal to you?
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    The summer here is normal, there is nothing usual here in my islands. Come over here if you dont trust me ;)
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    @Stallman K, Islands... thát already generates weird weather on its own xD
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