Anyone else enjoy "uncropping" images embedded in MS Office documents? People cropping out other windows/tabs from full screenshots... I've seen some weird stuff!

It's not unusual to be sent documentation / screenshots saved as MS Office documents (Word, PowerPoint etc.). Kinda annoying but whatever.

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    Don't let us hanging here...
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    @Wack The more mundane, a marketing exec client who had loads of tabs open for wedding dresses and venues. Clearly wedding planning on company time xD

    All the way through to... yeah, you can imagine :P
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    Insert -> Screenshot -> Screen Clipping
    Built in to Word and PowerPoint since 2010
    Or use snipping tool
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    @retnikt I think that is exactly what they where doing. In word and powerpoint you can uncrop the image again... ;)
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    @Wack no, those to things only capture the area selected. They are destructive, whereas Cropping in word directly is non destructive so the rest of the screen is stored (but hidden) too.
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