*has a 94% in information security class*
*teacher gives us study guide for final exam*
*heavily take notes in the margins and study the packet obsessively for four days*
*come in to take the final*

*exam doesn't mention a single thing on the study guide*

*makes a 78 on it*
*final class grade drops down to an 87% (a letter grade lower than before)*

"Congratulations, Miss Meowijuanas! You had the highest score on the final!"
*hands me a candy bar like I'm a child*

"Maybe it's because you gave the class an extremely poor study guide which emphasized on material that wasn't covered on our actual exam? You shouldn't be congratulating me on a 78."

*teacher says he used the study guide from another teacher and must not have looked at it thoroughly enough*

*shakes hand and thanks him for having me as a student this semester*
*kicks a trash bin outside of the university 6 or 7 times*

I'm not even mad about my grade. An 87% is nice, although I know I would've done better otherwise. It's his pure, unmasked and unashamed laziness that makes me feel so violent. It's showing students like me that an educated individual like yourself couldn't be bothered to take five minutes or so to read over a fucking document for his students to make sure they're properly prepared for a major exam.
How the fuck can you be hired as a university professor and be this obvious about not putting effort into your work.
Fuck you, sir.
And fuck you again for all of my other classmates who did poorly because they followed your inaccurate study guide.

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    I feel you. We had a prof come in one week before the exam, and the normal topics were really unfair and hard by themselves, then adds 3 whole topics that were never mentioned in his lecture. He said he expected we know them already. We told him we didn't, because they didn't come up in other courses. He said well, just read up in the other courses documentations. That semester, one of the other courses didn't even have one, the second one didn't include the topic he refered to and the third one was in the form of a fucking complete text quiz because the prof found himself extra funny. So I had to teach myself fourier analysis, the derivation of the solution of some differential equations and some numeric analysis, while studying for an extremely unfair exam in just about 5 days.
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    @jobylie Yeah that sounds fucking horrible! I've really met some awful teachers and heard some awful stories of other professors and it's so frustrating! I know there are others out there like me who are excited to be learning about the class topics but then the teacher just ruins it by expecting students to grasp concepts the first time they are introduced, or expect us to have prior information that should in no way be expected of us. It's ridiculous. They're hired to help us grow and learn and improve, I don't get why the entire system causes such a fucking headache
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    If I was a professor, I wouldn't provide study guides at all. You're supposed to learn the course material and understand its concepts, not regurgitate information I provide.
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    @AlexDeLarge My love ❤

    I mean. I totally agree with everything this handsome gentleman just said.
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    Yeah... I had a shitty professor too. Hate how they do their poorly job.
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    @AlexDeLarge well I just finished university so I kind of agree with you, but at my uni there were a few profs who weren't shit and I really, really enjoyed their classes, I would never have gotten that far on my own. I had to hunt for good profs though. For the cunts I just did the minimum necessary to get a good grade and ignored whatever they said.

    Also, it depends on your peers too, if you're part of, say, a group of people that's totally into maths or infosec or whatever, it makes it a lot easier than lone-wolfing it. I would say that you learn more from your peers, and that alone makes university worth it. It's hard to find like minded people otherwise.

    @meowijuanas my infosec prof was one of said cunts who just barfed whatever was in the books, believe me, your guy is almost normal in comparison.
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    @MrJimmy that's how my classes have normally been. Most exams here cumulatively cover the topics and teachers very rarely offer any notes or materials. It is a very much learn-it-yourself school here.

    In this instance, the professor posted the study guide online and made multiple announcements emphasizing that we should be studying it and looking over it for the exam because it "touches every topic students need to know in order to ace the exam, including topics not previously covered in class. Be sure to examine it very carefully!"

    That is verbatim what he posted online.

    That's why I'm so frustrated. Why even post a study guide in the first place? It would've benefitted me more to not even download the document.
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    @meowijuanas right you are, in that teacher's face!
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    Story from my brother who previously studied mathematics for a few semesters, then stopped, worked for a while and is now studying somwthing in engineering on the side so to speak.
    Maths prepatation exam: 2h 4 tasks. Ok

    Actual maths exam: 2h 5 tasks. Barely finishable. Bro gets a 3, (1 is best 4 is passed 5 is failed) which is the best grade in class. A few other people pass but like 20 fail.

    Another preparation exam for the ones who failed. 4 task again. Ok.

    Exam for the guys who failed: is the exact same exam as the one they got as a preparation exam. The teacher even emphasized how they should look at it very catefully beforehand. They just memorized it, aced it, and now all have better grades then my brother.
    Fk that teacher and that private uni bs.
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    @hasu yeah that's frustrating. I hate how most schools have just turned "education" into memorizing and regurgitating facts back to the teacher
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    @meowijuanas yep. Mostly things like when you came up with the right solution but used a different method and got 0 points for the task? Yeah tgt stuff.
    My friend showed me something in maths (it was his major class) and i used it in an exam and my teachers comment was "you are not supposed to use/know this" "have minus points for extra knowledge".. wtf
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    @hasu yep. My geometry teacher back in high school failed me because I showed my math work on the final exam as a different method than what was taught in class, even though I got the right answers anyway
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    I had a database teacher that openly said to the class, 'why am I here? Why am I teaching this class? I don't even like computers, I want to go back to Saudi Arabia /*No joke*/'. She was one of the worst teachers I had and the only one teaching our SQL and MSSql courses. I still have trauma from that time 😭
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