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    Wait until it learns that every day at least 2 new web (js) frameworks are born. And be witness to the first ever existential crisis of a spider
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    @Alice he is a debugger
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    Great way to start here I must say.. reposting two memes..
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    @CatMDV 2 may be born every day but it's rare any new ones are picked up. Look at angular and react. Popular, been popular, will continue to be popular. Too much sunken cost to invest in new tech that's riddled with issues because it's just a morphed version of some alpha framework
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    @Crazed hmm.. say that to jQuery, which, now, is considered on the same level as... dare i say it.... Wordpess
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    @CatMDV jQuery the same as WordPress? Lol if I remember correctly jQuery is a dependency of Bootstrap in some projects and it's also by default built into chrome. I think the reason jQuery gets a bad rap is because it makes writing javascript a lot easier at the cost of throwing some fundamental understanding potentially out the window, so it can cost a lot of early developers. I know because I learned jQuery first :D
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