A quick question, I am thinking about upgrading my system which is currently as

Core 2 duo E8300 at 2.8 GHz

I know that its fairly low end but it was fine by me as its 4 years old. The problem is the system gets awfully slow when I fire up Android Studio with Chrome (5 tabs) and also the font rendering and animation of OS (both Windows 10 & Ubuntu) is hideous.

So what would you recommend to upgrade in order to overcome these problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You get a new one, it’s ddr2 with socket 775 it’s old and should rest in piece
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    @devTea what new exactly.
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    I had almost the same specs
    Expect the ram and gfx card , i had 4gb ram and gtx 650 , anyway

    I upgraded 1 week ago and its just perfect
    I payed about 400€

    CPU: I5-8400
    MOBO: B360M D2V
    RAM: 8GB ddr4 2400mhz CL15 hyperx fury black
    PSU: Corsair VS550 550W

    Be careful chosing the mobo and psu because the mobo for the 8th gen needs 8pins for cpu instead of 4
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    @Clear0Ff yup thank you. Have you tried it with any Android Studio ? How didi it played ?
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    @makarand get a new pc, that is too old to upgrade, also what’s your budget?
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    @makarand i never used android studio , but from what i know you may want to get 16gb of ram
    If you will get the i5-8400 all i can say , it is a big upgrade for its price
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    @devTea 30000 rupees which is around 500$.
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    @makarand gen 7 up processors is already good to run almost everything, ddr4 is good if you could afford it, the i5 @Clear0Ff using is the 8th gen
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    @makarand well 7th gen i5 already cost almost $160 in my area, you could get a small affordable monitor first then upgrade it later, invest in ram and motherboard with good ssd if you can. Storage speed play a big part for computer performance especially for desktop

    I like samsung 860 EVO too, it could write up to 150TB with 250GB storage
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    And you might have to skip VGA card if you don’t play games too much. The ssd cost around $100 too. And good VGA probably need around $150 or so
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    @devTea i am not that good in pc parts , but i think that 150TB/s is too much for 250gb of storage Kappa
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    @devTea yea I play games only occasionally so I think I'm good with the card I have now and about the ssd I am seriously thinking about getting one.

    Thank you for advice. 😊
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    @Clear0Ff it’s their life span, it could write up to 150TB before the performance dropped, but unless you worked on videos, games or large files, you should be fine. You could move it to your future laptop or pc too
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    @devTea oww 😂 sorry , my bad i thought you meant writing speed
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    You need a ssd :B
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    Make sure you get a fast SSD!
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