Have any devs done bar work before..?

I've always enjoyed doing things outside of work, and I work 3-4 days a week in my main job to create time for this. It's great for my mental health, and means I can optimise the main job for pay/good benefits and fulfil my "other needs" (stimulation/challenge/enjoyment) in other places.

The main things for me are dev contracting on the side or acting/singing, to a lesser extent travel, a bit of activism and law study. Just because 🤷‍♂️

Especially re: my last rant with *that* email from HR on Friday, I'm tempted to be a bit more strict about only doing three days and picking up something else.

Although I know the pay is awful, I really want to try bar work on the side just to do something different.

Has anyone else done bar work before?

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    Im doing bartending to pay for my cs degree, guess that is quite similar.
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    @wiwe2210 How do you find it? Is it a means to an end or..?
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    @nate, I like how it is different from IT stuff especially regarding the people you meet. IT people are not the most social people in the word and there is definitely a massive difference between the people I meet at my bartending work as oppose to at my CS classes which is very nice
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    @nate, also great for meeting females, Since there are no females in the classes I take.

    It would be great to see more women in IT.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 @wiwe2210 I'm gay, and actually I know quite a few gay people who code in different companies in London. I totally agree with you about the social side though! And I've been offered a job in a gay club 😂. Tbh it sounds like being paid to have fun?!
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    I bet it’s Ku bar.
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    @Brolls Not exactly 😂 but probably best to pretend it is!
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    @nate XXL? ;p
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    @Brolls 👀 a couple more guesses and you'd probably get it 😂
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