Since that privacy cookie policy change thingy, every goddamn site pops up the dialog asking about it.

I just want to fucking read the page, quickly; get off my screeeeeeen!

There should be a standard to add something that lets the browser tell the page if you accept cookies or not, and which options to use; or at least make all the sites use a specific attribute for the elements of the div, so it can be automated (I know this is a dream).

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    That's what happens if you let bureaucrats regulate absolutely everything, even if haven't got a clue about the subject.
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    There is a standard, its part of all browsers, but since it was not created by a lawyer it was not accounted for in the law :/
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    don't forget about all the emails you've got when it's just changed :/
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    Something like P3P?
    The server used to send what cookies they "offer" for what purpose and the Browser decided which to accept - Unfortunately this standart was complex, a missing P3P header resulted in not accepting cookies at all and the site did not get any feefback.
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    i am the cookie monster.

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