Today I got a message from a "friend" of @Alice and me, for a long time. And I was already ranting by myself, because this little fucker is writing maybe two or three times a year, just to have a computer support, like now. He needed help, because a game was crashing everytime at a specific point, and I advised him to reinstall the game, which he can't, because of his slow internet. His answer stated, that he would have only slow internet right now. After this I explained him, that his internet is for around 2.5 years slow. And 2.5 years aren't "right now". I'm still waiting for any reaction.

It's the same fucking guy in Alice's wk post here: https://devrant.com/rants/1564585/...

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    Seems like the kind of guy that would get viruses while trying to cheat. I suggest cutting ties with such individual.
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    Lmao, that steaming backtalk about the connection speed is magnificent..

    He can go & draw some more pixels in Paint imho.
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    I know a few people like that. My response is something like “Sounds like a hardware problem with your computer. You should take it to a local shop to get looked at because they would be a lot cheaper than me.” They usually stop asking after that.
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