"please wait 5 seconds 'till you can continue with the call" *additional charges apply

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    Fuck he is giving them ideas... 😬
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    Oh man, no!
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    We already sort of do. Every time I contact a phone of this particular carrier, before actually connecting the call they play an ad requesting me to switch to their network.
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    Well, guess I won't use phone calls :P
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    If you have Truecaller installed, then you already do see an ad when you get a call.
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    @YuganshT79 Truecaller isn't something you should have installed anyway.
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    @filthyranter Yeah I don't have it installed on my device, but I know they show ads on every call.
    Saw it on my friends device
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    It's sad because it's probably true...
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    I saw it happening already on my friend’s Poco phone...
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    Well it’s not such a bad idea under certain circumstances.

    If the call would be free of charge and have same requirements like call to emergency number (like no sim card or valid account) I want that.
    It would increase the phone call accessibility and probably help some people.
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    It’s not a bad idea. It could make calls cheaper for people who want it, like ads on Kindles.
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    Watch 2 ads to avoid ad interruptions during the call. 🤐(Wht Ytube does now 😑)
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    @fckIE do you live in Germany?
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    I wish, really
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    I still do before first call of the day, the network is idea (indian)
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    @ichijou that was exactly what I was going to say. Quite brilliant by the way
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    My faith im humanity.
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    Vodafone India already does this. Assholes
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    Free calls if you also listen to ads.
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    This happens in India!!!
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    Who the F call this day.
    Just text you weirdos!
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    I will be happy to watch if they give me phone free
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    Reminds me of Xiaomi putting ads in native apps..
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