Bad news: Company shutting down, gave one day notice and was told not to come in for work the next day. Was compensated, of course. But still, it sucks.

Good news: I'm a developer.

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    sorry to hear that. best wishes.
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    Yeah, that sucks, but I'm sure you'll find something quickly! And they should have given more notice :/
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    I've worked at a state body specialized in mainly archaeology that was suddenly moved from the capital to an island where a lot of military was becoming unemployed. But even with that insanity we got proper notice...
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    Silver linings. I like your attitude 👍🏻
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    @Elkstorm well, we pretty much got screwed over 😩
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    @pixeltherapy this year has been really shitty for me but hey, one door closes, another door opens. Right? 🌞
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    @semicolon absolutely! As long as you stay hungry (as they say) nothing will keep you down for long! 😊
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    @Letmecode nope, decided to take some time off to do some personal things e.g. personal projects & travelling 😊 but yes, I hope my next job won't be shitty!
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