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    When you type "sudo crontab -r" instead of "sudo crontab -e"...
    Good times having to memorize ~20 Cronjobs.
    My boss was mad at me for 3 weeks because I still managed to forget some
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    Life advice for my future kids
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    Now what's the juicy stuff that happened on the servers and made you say that 😏😏
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    @Condor If I'm telling the truth I do this way too much. But I'm basically the only dev at this startup and when shit breaks on the weekend I gotta fix it even if I've had a few.

    One time I made what I thought was an benign change to a live php file (probably to add an error_log or something), but it ended up having a syntax error in it that brought the whole api down for a few minutes.

    Luckily our server is stateless and pretty tolerant to that kind of stuff but that's still not an excuse. The worst part is that's not the only time something like that has happened, but hey startups are a different game. I'm not a sysadmin so I have to figure half this shit out as I go.

    Tbh I don't really give a crap anymore though. This program is crap, the codebase is crap, the api is crap, everything is procedural and amateurish, so it's really hard to find any inspiration. My real energy goes into my side project, but don't tell my boss that. 😉
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    As they say, sudo like you have backups
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    This is a masterpiece. You should trademark it.
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