Fuck me. Looks like You're back my old enemy, nodejs. Now I have to rewrite my c++ backend in node, because I need scrip ting support and I will not write an interpreter. Plus nuxtjs is there.
At least I improved my c++ skills a bit.
Still 12+ hours for not much.

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    Like 2 second of Google produced this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US... why not make your c++ app run JS within in. Then allow the JS to manage the c++ code base.
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    @hexc I know, but I don't WANT to embed that heavy ass thing in my project.
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    Look at Squirrel scripts

    Easy to embed and lightweight
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    Lua is a great scripting language, is pretty lightweight, easy to embed, and fairly fast. Why not try that? I used it to script my raytracer, was pretty painless.
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