I think I just fucked up my Linux mint. Only formated one partition in my second disk :(

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    You need any more? :v
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    R@inaba that's the tool I used. I created two partitions, one Linux swap with 32gb, one ext4 and keep two ntfs from windows since I have all my data there.
    Used fdisk to clear the swap partition in emergency mode and fucked up even more.
    The colors are now red... Does that mean I fucked up bad.?
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    Wtf is this? Lol
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    Found it
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    Any tips or tutorial links to solve this without deleting the other partitions?
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    @GyroGearloose It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before. Better check your local search engine
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    @inaba thanks, I know what I did.
    I deleted one ftps partition and created a swap with 32gb and a ext4 with almost 900gb since the disk is 3tb. So I did something wrong.
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    One joint, two 🍻, a prompt in front of me (root@meMint:/) and 25% πŸ”‹ on my πŸ“±to πŸ¦†πŸ¦† Go.
    Btw this emoji update on swift (android keyboard, my fav since 2.3) is kwel
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    First problem solved, extra in fstab. Still no luck.
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    Yey I did it, first Linux brake and it was a easy one... Only had to delete the links in fstab for the old partition. Stupid feature
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    I hope you didn't delete the /boot or /boot/efi partition.

    Also, did you change any bios parameters while you were slaughtering your Mint?
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    @theKarlisK Nah...

    First tip after fucking something up... Don't fuck it more...

    My first problem right after the install was to access the disks with write, so I had to link the partitions, which placed the links in the fstab ...

    Because it took me an afternoon to do that (with lots of research, not to do it, because only took me an hour, but to find out better ways to do it). Luckily only needed to delete the partition from fstab file :D
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    @GyroGearloose well, if the problem was solved by that, then, perhaps the cause was because of the change of partition filesystem - if you formatted an EXT4 over to XFS(or generally anything other than what it was before), for example, then you had to update the entry in the fstab (there's a part on every line, which specifies the filesystem to be used when mounting the partition) so that it gets mounted properly.

    Also, fstab is kinda the only way to go when mounting disks/partitions ... unless you want to mount it manually.
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    @theKarlisK Well, I just found out that Linux Mint file explorer mounts the drives if I click on them...

    This actualy gives a bost in security, since the drive with my personal files will only work when I access it (lasts longer), Also I'm saving all my code, documents, manuals I'm creating and such online, So having them unmounted is the best option, since I'm just one click away to mount.

    I'm actualy clearing all the entries I've added for the other partitions on the second drive so they start unmounted
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    Well, I'm breaking the system again... If I crash it I'll tell ya in 5 minutes lol

    Creating the 32gb swap partition again. Also deleting the other partitions from fstab (except the swap)
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    @GyroGearloose go for it, just don't remove stuff like '/home', '/opt', '/var', '/etc'... Also, you can 'chown' the files and folders to be owned by your user and then 'chmod' the permissions of files to something like 600 (700 for executables), so that only you can view and edit any of them.
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    @GyroGearloose you don't really need a humongous swap partition if you got like 30GB(assuming from the general "rule of thumb" to set swap 1.5x times the ammount of RAM) of RAM, you can decrease "swappiness" so that it utilizes RAM more than the swap.
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    Yep a new fuck. Now I need the login that I don't remember
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    Fucked Linux again, this time I won't even try.
    Down: reinstall
    Up: kept the USB 3.0 instalation USB πŸ‘
    Up: been saving everything online, no important data loss
    Up: already learned from my mistakes, so I'll get a fresh start.
    Down: using Google and Firefox services online to save my bookmarks and passwords, good part: no lost passwords, bad part: big breach of security.
    I'll chose the less secure until I'm more experienced...
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    Just setting the stuff up.
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