I'm cheating on this one since I'm not old enough to drink alcohol.
This one night(maybe 6 months ago) I decided I was going to make something amazing! I got a monster out and got to it, I don't remember at all what happened that night nor do I remember what my amazing idea was. When I woke up I was surrounded by about 10 cans of monster and on my laptop was some shitty game I made called click the Swift. It was a game where you click Phil Swift and get points, you then use those points to buy flex tape. Supposedly caffeinated me thought this was a good idea, this is why Ive since avoided caffeinated drinks.

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    I need to get my caffeine where you're getting your caffeine.
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    @spongessuck i too want this dealer
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    10 cans of monster and you didn't need a trip to the hospital? 😱😱
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    @Stuxnet The lethal dose is about 10 grams per day for a healthy adult, without heart problems that is. To take in close to the lethal dose by drinking energy drinks (32mg/100ml the max amount of caffeine for energy drinks in Germany) would require you to drink at least 60 half-liter cans of Monster in one day.
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    @AlexDeLarge Breaking it down like that seems less intimidating.

    But Ive witnessed someone going down after a cup of coffee, a red bull and monster within a 3 or 4 hour period. There's likely another factor in that situation though.

    Heart issues are pretty common on both sides of my family, so I just avoid energy drinks all together. I've had maybe 4 my whole life. I also don't even really like the way most of them taste (sipped a lot of them to try them out).

    I stick to some soda and lots of water since it's helped me lose a few pounds in just a few weeks.
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    @Stuxnet That's probably the best thing to do. Caffeinated beverages have a tight grip on me. Why else would I know all this shit.
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