A man's best friend is a Martini when you realize the college semester begins again at your birthday, and you're turning 29 that month with a year left before graduation. Fuck college. FML.

Yes, I'm writing this after having 3 martinis. My code can't pawsibbly go wrong tonight. Being a little tipsy is awwwwweeesome. :D

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    Just curious, are you a non-traditional student or are you getting a graduate level degree?
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    @Stuxnet Undergraduate. I guess you could say I'm non traditional as I've held full time tech jobs through my 20's. I've been in part time classes for 3 years so it's taken longer to finish my Bachelor's. I prefer to self teach myself now, and I feel like the colleges are too far behind the times to teach me anything beyond fundamentals.
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    @Stuxnet I don't regret my life that I finished later. I wasn't sure what I wanted to pursue for a career and I've used the time to find my choices and build experience in IT. 🙂

    I'll retire at 70 or try fighting to go longer. I've got 40 years ahead of me anyways. 😜
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    @starrynights89 My uni is home to a lot of non traditional students, most of which are harder workers than the average traditional student.

    There was one in my history class last semester, and he only missed like 3 classes. Meanwhile, when it was over 80° and sunny, 2/3 of the class skipped. But I guess they have more at stake than the average students do.

    Well at least with the experience and ability to teach yourself, classes should be breeze, eh?
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    "Music, Martinis and Misanthropy"
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