Said jokingly to my dev lead yesterday: "or you could just use that VPN we have lying around lol"

The look on his face while saying: "v..pn?"

Like it was same mambo jambo from outer space written in Russian... Lol, this dude is so out of touch with tech :/

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    V..PN? Isn't that this thing that makes you onionimous and gives you free faster internet? 🤔🤔🤔
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    @Condor huaehu more like Virtual Porn Network
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    @hell Ah yes, the internal wanking system, to connect privately to all the pr0n videos without your ISP knowing :3 come to think of it, I recall that Pr0nHub even released a VPN service just for that!
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    @Condor haha that is gold
    Imagine the conversation regarding packets exchange to this VPN server:

    Boss: hey, wtf where you doing connecting to porn hub's VPN?

    Employee: er...hum...torrents...
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