Decided yesterday night that it was time to leave this joke of a company. Updated my CV, changed my pic on my CV and posted the CV on Monster.

15 phone calls, 4 emails, 3 adds on LinkedIn, 3 planned interviews and this is just the morning.

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    Damn! What kind of C.V. do you have? :o

    Anyway, congratulations. I hope you'll find something better than your last.
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    I’d like to know that too ahahah
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    I think he has something on there he's keeping secret from us👀
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    Damn it, Drillan! If you don't answer our questions, I'll call every recruiter that I know in your area :D
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    I think it has one srntensye only: Blockchain, AI and IoT guru 😛

    No offense meant, best of luck on your job hunt :)
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    @gitpush At this point it's not a hunt anymore, but a banquet! Haha
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    @gitpush @2lazy2debug @Jilano @dufferz b-but muh anonymuh :v

    The secret key to all that is just to have at least 2 years experience and to have knowledge about basic stuff (PHP, front end, this kind of shit), but most importantly, to live in a country where recruiters (and HR) would sell their mom to hire me because of the lack of available developers here 😍👌

    (BTW, i now have 6 job interviews, the first of them is this evening 😁)
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    @Drillan767 Well where I live there are lots of developers but too little job opening these days, not to forget it is almost end of year and most of them stops recruiting until the new year starts :\
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    @Drillan767 I was looking for something few months ago and every single recruiter was located in Lyon (I don't live that far from there).

    Still pretty amazing, though and thank you for the "tips"!

    Good luck, I hope you'll tell us how it goes.
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    @Jilano and yet you haven’t seen the nightmare that is founding a job here. The nearest decent job is 90km away ahah
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    @Jilano update your CV so it looks decent (I would recommend InDesign), post it on Monster: if you have anything interesting (PHP, .NET, java), they will suck your dick like there is no tomorrow even if you don't have that much experience 👌👌
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    @2lazy2debug That is insane! Can't you get closer to it? Or any possibility to remote?
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    @Jilano I can probably find at 45km but it’s in German part and I don’t want, but remote is often not an option. Trains are well served still.
    And I can find closer but job is boring af
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    @Drillan767 Thank you for the recommendations, I'll check it out!

    @2lazy2debug Welp, I wouldn't like having to choose that. Good luck!
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    @sd97 Hey! Depends on what you call "formal", I've only been to "private" schools, where you pay up to 7k€/year (either you or the society who hires you in part time). If so, yes, if you talk about being to university, not at all :D

    Devs are really well treated in France, but you need to have a diploma or this kind of thing to pretend for a smooth pay per month (entry is ~1200€ net salary, but you can negociate for a bit more). However, after at least to years of experience, people tend to care less and less about that said diploma, because you'll do much more in 2 years of company than in 2 years of studies.

    Keep in mind that there's never enough developers here in Lyon: if you know either PHP, Java or C# (or .NET) and have at least a couple months of experience, you'll never struggle (to much) to find something. Meaning, keep in mind that if some place treats you bad, the grass will always be greener somewhere else.
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    @sd97 Honestly, the salaries are pretty low compared to Canada, USA or Switzerland (I'm planning to move to Canada in a few years myself)

    Check this link, you'll have a really good view of the salaries world wide (just keep in mind that it's a global view, not precise datas)

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