I think my current employment has reached critical mass.

Not sure if they read my rants, but I have a feeling they do. Which probably is accelerating the velocity.

Guess we'll find out today.

I can either jump ship immediately to a local company that I have an open invitation, or spend a few weeks looking for something i really want. Like a team of developers that i can integrate with.

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    Where's that guess coming from? might be just them heating up
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    Why not do both? This way you're getting more experience and if you like.it there you might even stay at the new place after all. If not, you can always jump ship again and book it as even more experience.
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    What @AlexDeLarge said.

    1. Never quit without having a new job — preferably one where you just have to sign at the x.

    2. Never treat jobs like personal relations. Love often deserves honesty & loyalty, but in your career you can be an egocentric slut.

    3. You are allowed to play the market. If you get a good salary offer, you can tell a few coworkers about it. Your boss might hear it, get nervous and improve his current offer.

    4. When applying, feel free to mention that you're deciding between multiple places. Tell them what attracts you about other companies. This normalizes the local market, because they don't want to be the least attractive employer.

    Employers use you to make money for themselves. It's a free market, and demand for developers is high in many areas. Your have valuable skills, sell them at a good price!
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    yeah true, I just hate looking for jobs, the 5+ interview thing is getting old.
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    Indeed, demand is very high here, my problem really is the 5+ interview method this industry seems to have adopted, how much time do they expect me to take off work of my current job to go to these?
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    @Bitwise Again, your time is valuable. You have to tell them.

    During a second interview, tell them you want to know your prospects. I would expect at least a 1-month trial contract or a rejection at that point.
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    The biggest problem I have with my current employer, and maybe if they are reading this they will understand or fire me.

    Everything I do, every functionality I write into their sites, they automatically think that is the reason something else doesn't work, even something totally unrelated.

    99% of time I prove to them it is some setting they did not set right, it isn't even code related.

    So essentially this tells me they think I am a shitty developer.

    I mean we have no testing, it goes from me writing it to production, then they complain if there is a bug.

    I cannot write 100% bug free code in one go. It just isn't possible, and they expect it to be so, and I am assuming they think there are developers out there that can.

    Really I am fed up with it. Which goes back to me wanting to be on a real team with real developers who understand such things.
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    And the next company I am going to WILL have little @Floydian s!!!

    That is the first question I am asking every future employer. Do you have a testing department? If the answer is no, I won't consider it.

    The second is how many actual developers are on the team, and how many are considered senior developers.
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    @Bitwise Yeah we should start a crowdfunding action to clone @Floydian. There are very few companies with enough QA employees.
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    @bittersweet @Bitwise hahahah I feel honoured that I am valued somewhere.

    Here, they treat me as a rag and throw me away once my job is done.
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    @Floydian When your hands are covered in corrosive shit, a rag is worth more than a bar of gold.
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    @bittersweet People don't understand this.

    I just want to work with a great team where everybody is smarter than me and I get to learn rather investing my time in office politics and saving my ass.
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    I think we aspire for the same thing.
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    @Bitwise no wonder we get along well.

    I just applied for a job. Like real serious for first time. I am expecting a call.

    Hope I get through.
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    Any special places for job hunting, LinkedIn is dead for my area barely any new posting each week :/
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    @gitpush Are you kidding me? I've got 20+ recruiter requests per day, minimum. Is it, because Lebanon doesn't have much work.for devs at the moment? What the fuck?
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    I use multiple resources, Indeed.com, Craigslist.org (can actually find some gems here), LinkdIn but really I don't like going through recruiters, so I stay away from linkedIn, I haven't gotten any solid offers from non-recruiters there. Also amazingly StackOverflow Careers has brought me 2 or 3 legitimate offers, one from The Boring Company.
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    @AlexDeLarge I guess so not really sure, the offers I see on LinkedIn are mostly startups that are 1 year old, as for recruiters, rarely get any from them lol
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    @Bitwise I tried stackoverflow jobs it has some amazing openings but I need sponsorship :/
    Thanks for the links I'll check them for sure
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    @AlexDeLarge I thought I'd checkout stackoverflow jobs and I guess we now know why not many recruiters lol
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