To be honest, I've never been drunk. Really, teenagers couldn't be drunk, yeah? Only thing I drink is a lot of coffee, yerba, and tea. Never drink yerba before you're going to sleep. That could end with another sleepless night in front of your laptop. Also, never drink yerba in public, some may call you hipster, some may call you gay. But I still don't know what homosexual thing is in yerba.

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    what is yerba?

    edit: just found out that this is called Mate-Tea in my country
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    Teenagers don't have beard either.

    Where I live it's quite common for teenagers to get drunk every now and then. Even though it's against the law to sell or provide them with alcoholic beverages. I never got drunk, though.
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    @electrineer ad. my beard on avatar, please, let me have at least some dreams, phew

    also, drinking alcohol and getting drunk isn't healthy, and that's just stupid to get drunk (I'm not talking about adults, because they can drink, I'm talking about teenagers that drink a lot of that shit)
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    @RootPixl well there are lots of things that are not healthy. But I agree, alcohol is more harmful to teenagers than adults.
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