Soooo, what do you think about Code of Conduct ? Will it purify the toxicity of StackOverFlow ?


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    Wrap a piece of shit into fancy paper. Looks nice but inside there’s still shit.
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    If somebody pulls the Code of Conduct on someone else on SO they'd probably get downvoted themselves :/
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    @RememberMe It seems they are fighting especially against this.
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    They have a model that emphasises human curation. I think that makes it very hard for them to fix these problems.

    They've be better to be more permissive with the posts and use upvotes, search and machine learning to filter out the nuggets.

    And, to be honest, I think this would make it more valuable in terms of edge cases.

    Sure, that makes it closer to just using Google, but that's what I'm currently doing these days anyway.
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    What will happen is that the trolls in charge at SuckOverflow will selectively apply the CoC and engange in twisting the cases. Means, they will be the assholes they always were, will ignore kind objections and will get out the hammer for punishing more direct objections.

    A CoC makes things only worse even if it isn't the brainfart of SJW shitheads.
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