I can't drink at work (unfortunately), so this is a story from my last semester at school.

I had a somewhat large group project for my senior project making an Etsy-like site for a nonprofit. We had sprints and meetings with stakeholders and whatnot. I was already really experienced in the tech we were using as I had to use it for work, so I was doing most the project on my own and just advising the others on what they needed to do.

On one of the meeting days I met with a friend and got drunk with him before class. Then 10 minutes later I had to present the site to the stakeholder and get feedback. My co-devs could kinda tell I was sloshed, I don't know if the stakeholder did; he didn't say anything anyway.

I presented perfectly normal and made live changes for him so he seemed impressed. When I'm drunk, the way you can tell is that I'm very deliberate with my words and actions, so at worst it probably looked like I was nervous.

I've coded drunk on school projects before and once when working from home. If anything I'm better as I get super focused on work and can't get distracted. Still can't convince my boss to get a scotch fountain installed...

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    We have free drinks and it's dangerous 😭
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