Anyone under 5 mbit too?

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    Sometimes when biking in a forest
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    @Gentoo damn! XD
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    Oh no - finally got bumped up to 100 just this year. Got so used to running under 5 (1Mbit in my case) that I no longer even know what to do with anything more than that.

    I used to download all kinds of stuff over the period of days or incrementally over weeks - that's when I was setting up new VMs and trying new software almost daily. Now ... I just Netflix and browse the net , periodically I embark on a "weekend adventure" and try something out that I used to do daily.

    ..it's kinda sad really.
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    1&1 countryside

    2 mb/s down
    0 up (sometimes 0.3mb/s)

    Worse than 92% of Germany. When it's at its fastest
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    *every Australian puts their hands up*
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    @UnDeAdYeTii Can sadly agree, our fastest internet we can get is 100mb but it's kinda expensive
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