I'm on a project that has been off the rails for a few weeks. We're no longer working off tickets/the scrum board. Clients are asking for production servers yesterday.

Things are behind. Some people are working nights and weekends. I'm one of the people who are vary vocal about not working over time and I haven't worked a single night or weekend yet (we're salary exempt too; no extra pay).

I even bought up in a meeting how I was not happy about people being guilt tripped for not working over (our PO messaged me out of band a few weeks back telling me my teammates would appreciate me putting in more effort).

I agreed to work this Sunday and already regret it, even though they said there'd be compensation (without mentioning what that compensation is). I was also told everyone is doing it and that's not true either.

In my 18 years in IT, I've worked at ~ 13 companies. This one is in the bottom 3 for sure.

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    What the hell? This is a project management failure. You can imagine behind the scenes the client has such a good budget they're just bending over backwards to say yes to impossible deadlines. You're then expected to work more... for free... so that they benefit?

    I could be completely wrong. Things happen. But part of running a company any being higher salaried is that they should be bearing the burden and liability, not you!

    "Fuck you, pay me."
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    "If you expect me to compensate for the mess you create, then better give me your salary."
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