Tips for optimizing Windows performance on old PC. The following is what i got, please add things to the list.

- Defragment the harddisk
- Clear some space on the harddisk
- Reduce amount of unnecessary programs running in the background
- Check for malware/virus and remove them

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    If relatives had a really old pc and it was really ahitty what i used to do is install xp tiny or 7 tiny versions where almost everything is stripped out and only necessities left. 100-200mb ram usage in idle or something like that
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    deinstall unused software
    remove update files
    clean registry
    (no defrag on ssd though)

    while you cannot do a fresh install
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    - Upgrade ram and HDD—>SSD where possible
    - Clean up the HSF
    - Change wallpaper to dickbutt (makes some things faster)
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    @JiggleTits heat sink and fan
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    Install Linux and make it look like Windows.
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    Disable Superfetch and Windows Search indexing
    Disable animations and transitions
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    Increase virtual memory, I think windows let's you change virtual memory size
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    Clear the autostart
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    If it's Windows 10, run ShutUp10
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    @Axis I think it's better to let windows decide since Windows 2000
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    @electrineer really? I would think it's trying to optimize between speed and not eating up storage space, but if they op has an unusable computer I doubt they care as much about the storage space as windows thinks
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    @Axis virtual memory kills all speed anyway, but bad configuration also breaks stuff
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    @electrineer virtual memory kills speed? Uh what?
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    @Axis your computer will feel like crap if what you're working with doesn't fit in your ram.
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    @electrineer true, but increasing virtual memory still will speed up the computer it dedicates a larger section of long term storage to memory, a page hit in the virtual memory takes a lot less time than a page fault to recover so increasing virtual memory will increase the amount of page hits not sure how that could make your computer slower
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    @Axis well the computer will be unusable if what windows suggests is not enough.
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    -remove all metro apps
    -disable cortana
    -disable telemetry and other privacy hogging services
    -get rid of windows defender and use a lightweight antivirus instead
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