HuGhEsNeT gEn5 Is FaSt.

*Yes I know for some of you, 25 mbps is fast. But it's not here. I've got 100/100, I believe. And soon to have the option for gigabit, I believe.

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    So every plan is 25 Mbps? Lol
    Just curious, what about the usage cap of your plan? I'd rather have an unlimited 25 Mbps than a limited 100 Mbps.
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    @Bitwise ++ for the out of this world haha

    I didn't know Internet satellites were geosynchronous, I always thought they formed a lower orbit constellation, like GPS, because of this huge latency of geosyncs.
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    @Bitwise Yea I get that lol

    It's absolute shit and it makes me laugh any time I hear it referred to as "high speed"
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    @Stuxnet technically it's the speed of light in a vacuum, so it's in fact the fastest
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    Good luck with synchronisation and load balancing that!

    In geosynchronus orbit, satelite acts like a beacon. You are constantly connected = easy infrastructure.

    In GPS low earth orbit ...
    Yeah try to automaticly reconnect everytime your satelite hides behind the horison... Ping would be greater due to the need of reconnecting everythime and checking whitch sat is in range... It is even slow for gps and you are talking about internet!
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    I would kill for 25mbps.
    Can't even imagine what 100/100 would be like.
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    @qdsp13 I have only a 15mbps, but I'd never kill for that satellite latency
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