Don't you love when you want to buy a domain and it says it's unavailable so you check out the site and get greeted with this...

EDIT: Don't ask why the image has a black thing around it because I have no idea

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    Why does the image have a black thing around it?
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    @PrivateGER arg! Faster than me
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    Also always great: Domains that just redirect to some other domain that has absolutely nothing to do with it
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    Looks like a CMD+shift+4 [Space] screenshot with its ridiculous drop shadow effect but flattened on a black background...
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    @UnDeAdYeTii that would be correct.. .and just realised devrant would convert them to jpg which removes transparency... Feck
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    I also particularly hate parked website links... So many lost opportunities (or very expensive ones at that) 😢
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    The domain that i have been eyeing for since last 5 years is finally free from previous owner. Previous owner didn't even use it, he just redirected it to another tld version.

    I'm now waiting for the domain registrar to stop holding that domain. I'm really skeptic of even searching that domain on the registrar site. Pretty sure they have trackers to gauge interest in expired domains.
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    @HoloDreamer backorder? not sure how it works in other countries, in slovakia it works i guess...

    i'm searching a site who offers backorders all the time since they have a daily udpated list of expiring domains and i really get inspired about projects/project names this way :)
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    @webdev kind of like that I guess. One email I got when the domain I no longer wanted expired said that they will put the expired domain on auction after grace period for renewal.

    I noticed that if there is no interest in that domain, they will drop it from auction listing.
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    just remembered, since i was little I wanted to register

    my surname.com (its a hungarian name but there is a french comic strip on the site lol)

    then i wanted to register my surname.sk since im from slovakia (nope someone has a chain of petrol stations with this name)

    well its awkward but lets do my surname.eu (my surname is the name of a traditional hungarian needlework so no fuck you)

    ok im a hungarian so lets do my surname.hu (well fuck you i wont even load, but im already taken so..)

    this comment may get his own rant sometime today
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    Gotta love domain squatters like that ♥️
    (i.e. may they die in the deepest pits of hell 😑)
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    I first took shajikhan.in (that's my name with my country's tld). Then i saw that shaji.in was available and i took it. Finally after a little while shajikhan.com became available too. Now i have a hoarding problem
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