Don't know if this was or will be a weekly question, but anyone have any good stories on how your opinion of a language/framework/application/etc. changed dramatically? Maybe there are some lessons to be learned for those of us that are stuck using something we think we hate, or are in love with something we shouldn't be.

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    It's feels you are talking about me.

    when I was in college one of my professors introduced me to NetBeans, and I was like no thanks, I don't think I will use it. After couple years I used it for about 1 year and half and I had no problem with it.

    I kinda focus more on the knowledge, experience, from the company I work.

    So, whatever tools, frameworks, and applications they have and use I will use it with no problem even if it was shitty. I need learn it and improve it.

    It's all for that one day when I become the manager or the lead and I will only use the best of I learned for the development process.
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    Cross platform apps. Used to think they ware awesome.
    The company that i work for has two of them (that ive seen), one in cordova and another one in xamarian.
    The cordova one sucks so much that they wont let them preinstall it on android go devices, so now we have to rewrite it in native. All it does is showing apps and redirects to play / apple store, yet it waists ram like crazy.
    The other one isnt even out yet but it hasnt left me a good impression.
    Flutter seams promising, but i dont have much hope.
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