Go to Denver with a friend for an Iron Maiden concert. I try edibles for the first time, which of course means take way too much. Hallucinate that lead singer is an arm flailing inflatable tube Man. I have a pretty good time. Walk back to the motel at midnight and have to launch a client's website from stage to production on the slow Motel Wi-Fi. I'm ready to pass out at this point, but I got my laptop, and I got my VPN running. So I spend the next 6 hours moving the site from one server to another while occasionally passing out for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

One of the best road trips of my life. Five stars would do again.

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    "bruh these edibles are weak asf" are the famous last words of anyone about to get high as a fucking kite lol
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    @Stuxnet tried once with cuz and we read low and slow was the way to go...ya no...it wasn't. too low, extra slow. we were all sad. waited forever and finally realized we didn't absorb anything out of it =/
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    I make my own from time to time when I'm going camping or road tripping with friends. I always warn everyone who hasn't had my cookies before and there's always one guy who says "I can handle it." My basic rules is if I didn't eat 3 of my cookies you probably don't need 3.
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