Is your office too cold? Centralized aircon and you can't control the temperature? 🙄 hard to type when it is too cold

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    Take a 10min break and do some push-ups :)
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    even a cooled server farm room, can't be cold enough currently
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    When its is too cold, you can always put more clothes on. When it is too hot, there is only so many clothes you can take off. Enjoy your freezing aircon.
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    my office is cold, all my colleagues are complaining, (shameful smile) I'm the one controlling the AC, and I'm just fine.
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    So it is better to be cold than hot?
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    @Devnergy when you're cold you drink something hot, you put some more clothes on you, you don't sweat ... when you're hot, there aren't as many benefits (for me at least )
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