Want to take your open office plan to the next level? Double the efficiency of your space by having two employees per standing desk.

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    This is ingenious and unsettling at the same time 😂
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    My boss used to do the stand over shoulder thing. Ugh.
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    The guys back underneath jeeezzzz
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    Na the top dog just operates at a different level. (We even push the grunts to an entire floor beneath ours)
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    Bosses with no coding background never tend to realise the difference between typing and coding. And then they freak out over low productivity and do this standing over the back thing. Fml
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    @phreakyphoenix This is why I love the fact that my boss works a few hundred miles away. Forces him to measure my productivity in terms of output rather than what he can infer from what he sees on my screen.
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    The guy underneath is facing the wrong way 8)
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    Poor guy doesn't even have earphones with the damn click-clacking going right over his head. Would drive me nuts to be honest.
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