Not entirely sure why I'm not excited about blockchain.

And yet, I see job postings related to it everywhere.

What's so special about it?

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    "Dude what? The new IoT that just got release is powered by a blockchain-based AI. You're just missing everything...

    Time to get up-to-date, mate!"


    The marketing guys took over this word. Just ignore it for the time being until things are back in order.
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    Its a cryptographic log that prevents alterations and that can be distributed, eliminating single point of truth.

    In it self its just a piece of tech but you can build a lot on top of it.
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    I dislike most of the "cryptocurrency" scams going on but here are 3 applications of blockchain that could and imo will change our world:

    1 - direct democracy based on stake, your vote can be weighted based on stake and we can basically do away with the concept of a republic immediately, things like brexit or the US leaving the Paris accords would be prevented by this, issues like gay rights and abortion would be based on stake and so the minority can have a louder voice which solves the issue of a massive religious body or political group constantly bullying a minority

    2 - service based economy, we don't need a centralized common currency when crypto-backed coins/tokens exist that are based off of actual services; you make me food, you earn a token; I make you clothing, I earn a token. (Also no more "make money off of money" jobs)

    3 - identity; SSN, identity theft, aadhar, etc all immediately disappear with a blockchain solution!
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    @Jilano thanks, personally I'm just happy to be back to being a dev. I'll ignore what seems to be -- hype -- for now.
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