Day 1 of learning to build interpreters: finished the scripts for basic mathematic operations and beginnings of functions... Spent 4 fucking hours trying to track down why the compiler is treating an end of file token as an addition token... No luck, going to bed with a headache and half a head of torn out hair...

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    Day 6786 - I used the wrong encoding.
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    tomorrow is a brand new day, and you still have half a head of hair to tear out

    life is good
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    Well if you pull out all of your hair and got bald don't forget you got a beard too. Atleast in the Avatar🤔.
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    @hypervtechnics @rant1ng @Nitin1607 well I have the office to myself today with no jobs lined up... Let's see if we can make magic shall we... You'll know how things went by my avatar becoming bald in like 8 hours
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    @lxmcf that's the spirit

    Good luck
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    @lxmcf good luck with that and keep us updated.
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    Update: I came.... I suffered and I overcame, we now know the answer to the life long question of 1 plus 1...

    In other words it's working haha, only have math functionality working but can easily add system variables, might clean up the code and chuck it on GitHub or something
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