Is it just me, or, is this a super simple app (that makes millions, aarg)

Do you really need to steal the code?

Is it the scale (number of users) that would potentially make it complicated?

My apps may get thousands of visitors / day, but that's about it... not millions. Php/mysql is just fine for that. So I have no experience with this and I'm curious. Thanks.

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    Yeaaa if I was gonna rip off Snapchat is at least just write a new app in Swift. Fuck that objective-c code vomit.
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    Revealing the code may cause security issues, since so many people use it?
    Also, they do use some pretty fancy tech for all those "filters", it's understandable they they'd not want that being leaked.
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    @RememberMe if that causes security issues then they really need to start working on their security!
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    @jschmold 😊
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