Is it just me or do any of you people also hate asking for help with understanding other devs code?

At the same time I also hate explaining my code to other devs, like I have to justify I'm not an imbecile.

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    I kinda hate socialising . 😂 Not good at it 😅
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    I mean you can suffer alone if thats what you like
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    It really depends. Though I find most working code (code that earns someone money) ages poorly.
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    My coworkers take advantage of me asking questions to make tons of fun of me :P it is well deserved since I act as a know it all when it comes to software development and I only ask them questions about network management or shit like that.

    Asking questions or explaining your stuff ain't bad, it is a chance to show your strengths and weaknesses and both are equally important. Knowing everything can put you in weird positions where you get more responsibilities or when everyone freaks out when you don't know something, it can also cause resentment or make you intidimating to work with.

    Developers as a whole, the longer we are in the business the more we see that people have fragile egos. So pick your poison i guess.
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    I've never had the author nearby to ask about their code. I usually get projects written by another company or by someone no longer working for our company so I can't ask them why something is. I usually have to just figure it out and hope I don't break anything. Once in a while I call on my senior dev but I try not to since he'd be coming in blind too.

    I've yet to have a problem where he did more than act as my rubber duck for a minute.
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    I actually like both. Going with other people through their code often shows me concepts out of my own sphere.

    Also asking others for help gives me feedback about my own code and explaining it to others is a great debugging tool.
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