Boss: Any idea why ColleagueX's code might be blowing out the memory?

Me (internal): Cos he's a fucking retard who can't code for shit, doesn't listen when I tell him to do stuff properly because he's fucking lazy, has no idea what stack and heap are, uses goto everywhere, doesn't know how to debug, doesn't write any unit tests, and generally WASTES MY FUCKING TIME!

Me (external): Probably a memory leak. I'll take a look.

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    Pretty sure the boss knows he's a prick, which is why he's asking @joycestick why the prick's code doesn't work instead of asking the prick himself.

    Question is why doesn't the boss fire his useless arse? And, that's what we ask ourselves every time we encounter yet another useless corporate prick.
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    I did a mistake and learn it hard way that, keep your internal with yourself.

    Because ColleaugeX has made friends with other retards and they form a league of retards.

    One day I lose my mouth and only then I found the strength of retards.

    I learn: I have my skills with me and they have their politics so they are doing what best they can.
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