I've been said during college that I have to use an IDE for programming. It was okay.

When I got my first job I was said that true programmers use Sublime text or Notepad++. It was okay.

I just discovered vim + tmux and I don't understand how I've never been told about this. I'm the happier person ever.

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    Has anyone told you about emacs yet?
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    @spl0 Why do you want to make him sad again?
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    Give me a break. Too much feelings right now.
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    oh God, you remind me about 'w' 'gg' '@' and sooooooo much Vim brilliance.

    Living the good life
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    @r-gobel gg=G ahhhh code is indented FeelsGood.
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    Programming dreams coming true
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    Absolutely the perfect setup. I would recommend checking out Neovim. It has some pros, but of course there's the big con that vim is installed by default. Either way, this is the perfect setup.
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