I signed up for a 3 day course on c++ for revision purposes since I haven't used it in years, it was there, so why not.
So we get an email about having to install linux mint beforehand. Naturally, having ubuntu installed, i just ask if I can roll with that. And the answer is:
"Yes you just need to install the compiler, but then you won't get the credit point for the course, since you have not completed all tasks."
And an instruction was attached innthe general email on to how to create a bootable usb stick with windows and set up the partition (!) for a dualboot system for like 10 gigs of linux.
Da fuq.
I'm coming for the c++ not the linux. Also how do you think I've got ubuntu running in the first place? I get it the course is for beginners probably but still.
Also, after reading the instructions and knowing Windows 10 i can see bootloader issues incoming...
Was looking forward to that course now I'm not so sure. 🤔
(Sidenote: i don't care about the point I could get ftom this)

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    I’d write them that they can gently go fuck off and sit on a dick until their intestines are full of shit and they’ll have to throw it up, but that’s me.
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    -"Hello, I'm here for the knitting course..."

    -"Oh yes come in, here is the sheep. Shear it and make your own fucking yarn before we start"
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    What the flying fuck man. I hate inflexible dense motherfuckers like those
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    @antorqs "but I already did that an brought my own nicely made yarn"
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    @hasu "well you could use that but you don't get the points for sheep shearing"
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    If the course has no real value other than you revising stuff, just do the exercises and don't give a fuck about any points
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    @endor i think this is exactly how it will go. I didn't expect any points anyway and i dont need this one. It just sucks for peple who do.
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    While I get the sentiment behind the incompetence of the people that run the course, if you've installed Ubuntu already, the installation of Linux Mint should be no big deal. Install it, run it and see what compiler it's running. If it matches your Ubuntu's compiler, you may as well be able to fake it (though I'd still suggest doing compilations that you'll send off using the Mint host). Point is, Linux Mint's installation process is even easier than Ubuntu's is, so what's the issue? They've probably chosen that distro because Linux distributions tend to diverge quite significantly in terms of package versions.. the compiler and the C library along with the kernel being among the most important. So they want the compiler for their course to match across all of their students. Be grateful that they didn't go with Turbo C I'd say... I've heard that that's a common standard these days, despite being legacy as fuck.
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    If there was no way around not doing it, I'd just install it into a virtual machine without having to to mess with my system's actually OS and bootloader, and just delete it once it's graded and done.
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    (on a side note)

    You're halfway to getting your cat ;) @hasu
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    @antorqs yep :) I'm trying ^^
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