At lunch, someone asked a question about our Sunday Hack-a-thon. Our PO said it was a "Smack-a-thon." I told her, "No, don't make stupid names. Let's call things what they are. It's Management Failure Sunday." Manager was sitting across the table when I said it.

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    So? Any repercussions? What happened after your manager heard it? Did (s)he hear it? You beast, why the frack are you leaving these cliffhangers, you sick bastards...
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    I'm with @wannabee you horrible person!! WHAT HAPPENED!?
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    @wannabee I mean, there wasn't much too it. The PO re-stated that it was a Smack-a-thon, some uncomfortable laughter, lunch went on. No other repercussions so far.

    I started updating my resume last night though.
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    @djsumdog good to hear you're OK. Also, good idea about refreshing that CV, you never know
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