It's funny how people like you often think I don't hold grudges. I do, but chances are you're even more boring than irritating or annoying to me, thus I've already forgotten your fucking face.

Thanks for reminding me though. And now fuck off, would you?

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    My problem is I don’t forgot faces, but I’ll be fucked if I can recall your name.
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    "Forgive, but never forget."

    However, the forgive part is questionable and might be an anti-pattern.
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    Personally I never judge people (unless they're unable to prove that they aren't idiots), but I do judge actions. So any seconding or dismissing of stuff is merely by the actions the person behind it has made. There's a few people that I dislike here, but if they post good content I'll gladly upvote it. Similarly none of my upvotes are unconditional because "I like the person". The person behind it is sometimes a driving force, but it's rather rare.. actions define people, not the other way around. So yeah, grudges..? I wouldn't really hold on to those. People tend to change quite frequently, and so does the legitimacy of the grudge. People can be idiots at one point, but they could become interesting in the future. The important thing is to frequently gauge for that change :)
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    @Condor Exactly: "Idiot until proven otherwise."

    (But everyone can be interesting if they out some effort in it.)
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    @Condor Some people need a decent choke before they actually become interesting: "this one has struggled, and was choked to d.."
    - mortgage, csi, necromancer
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