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    British all the way
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    Despite being all British employees in a British company based in Britain, I've stipulated American English in our coding standards.
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    Potato, tomato
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    BE > AE any day
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    @joycestick good :) that's how it should be especially in programming; universality and continuity.
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    I use British spelling, but it always comes up with a spelling error whenever I type colour. I think I should hanged the settings....
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    Maybe unpopular opinion, but I think as programmers we should all use AE, because needing to check whether a given piece of code uses AE/BE is a huge headache. Furthermore AE is ubiquitously adopted - so let's keep it simple
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    Center - centre, gray - grey
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    I normally use Canadian English, but always go with the American spellings for words that are commonly used in coding like "color".
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    @YADU What does Canadian English programming look like? Do all your method names end in “Eh”?
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    @joycestick instead of e.g. "isAvailable", you use "availableEh".
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    @YADU LOL. Legend.
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    Just like with Chinese, there's Traditional English and Simplified English.
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    British English is the only true English, the one that hasn't been bastardized.

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    British English is the only true English like python 2.7 is the only true python
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    I use Native American English dialect and underscores for indentation.
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