Today on incompetent profs & classmates...

Dumb student forgets to exit vim and rewrites program 3 times before calling d prof
for help

I ask the prof for approval to use an IDE or a text editor in lab and she has no clue what an IDE is. I installed atom just as she left.

Another kid fooled into thinking web dev has no future.

Apparently I can't use laptop in class to execute programs as "other students may be at loss" i mean wtf that's their fkin problem why do I have to suffer.

Student questions unix prof about the file size limitation in fat32. She had a poker face.

Prof gives "hello world" program to sophomores. Nice.

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    Also d same vim guy did ask me how to exit. I said idk man i use nano i have no clue. While vim was open on my pc.Fullscreen. an entire semester of losing time by helping shitheads has made me d asshole i always aspired to be
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    "another students may be at a loss"

    2. what country are you from? this reeks of some american SJW bullshit to me
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    India. This is normally not the case. This one junior unix teacher thinks so. And my classmates don't even care if we execute d commands or not so noone protested @Midnigh-shcode
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    but what does it mean that other students might be at a loss?
    what are they using? abacuses?
    what does it matter WHAT computer is anyone using, if it's able to run what everyone needs it to run?

    how did you not follow up with this question, requesting an explanation?

    that's a personal pet-peeve of mine, but i don't understand (and it frustrates me) when people don't question idiotic answers and instead just concede, because... well, i have no idea why.

    not asking for clarification of stupid answers only enables that shit to continue! if you don't want to just complain, but you actually want things to get better, NEVER let them get away with a stupid answer, ALWAYS question it, and the answer after that, and the one after that, until it's so obvious the answer is stupid, that even they themselves realize it and get embarrased.
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    First ill introduce u to my trash classmates. Don't give a fuck about these things and i seriously doubt what they're doing in info science in d first place. Really tech-dumb and incompetent. So noone will, and has ever bought a laptop to class.

    She meant that other students will fall behind in concepts if i do this.(cuz dey dont intend to bring laptops). Yes its fkin weird.

    Aaand i did question her, saying i learn better when I'm able to execute d script when its taught. She starts shitting about the misuse and that we already have a lab dedicated to practicing.(that's once a week, for 2 hours. No that isn't very helpful)
    I didn't argue further, being her first class but i do intend to catch her off guard later and convince her.
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    @yatanvesh i still maintain tgat you should have argued until the complete end.

    but okay, at least you didn't back down immediately.

    and thanks for the explanation
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    @yatanvesh ah man, this is so damn familiar.

    @Midnigh-shcode arguing with them is useless, that kind of mindset is totally entrenched in the system. Also it's easier on the "profs" because they don't have to learn stuff (after all who wants to expend the effort in actually being competent, right...)

    Seriously if you want to learn in India you gotta do it on your own.
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    @RememberMe in general, if you want to learn you gotta learn it on your own.

    and i disagree that arguing with them is useless. because how do you get rid of trenches? you bomb them and ride across them until there are no more trenches.

    yes, it takes time and consistent effort, but from my experience it works.

    at the very least the person learns to concede to you right away because they "don't want to waste time with this speculant/troublemaker", at which point at least you personally don't have to be limited by their stupidity.

    also, other students tend to gradually pick up on this and start doing the same, derailing the teacher from his stupid tracks and forcing him to actually think more and more often.
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    @Midnigh-shcode How I wish it actually worked that way, man, believe me. It doesn't. I've tried over and over. I was even on this curriculum reform thing which they organized. No hope.

    It's not just the profs, the students are shite too in general and they basically reinforce each other. It would take considerable force to break that loop.
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    @Midnigh-shcode just about the only thing you can do is try to form a group of like minded people and teach them/discuss stuff/work on projects. That I did.
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    @RememberMe hm, okay. might be a cultural difference then, ours is less rooted in the concept of tradition and respecting "your elders" just out of principle.
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    @Midnigh-shcode that is a factor, yes. But only one. There are a ton of others.

    And the cool thing is, despite all this crap I've seen some seriously good and competent people around.
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    That is correct. When d students r not interested the prof can do whatever and students won't care. Ive seen profs teaching wrong concepts several times and some times I've corrected, but enough of that and u get called a smartass. Its monkey business basically, one tries to go up and d rest pull him down @RememberMe
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    @yatanvesh indeed, and then when they fuck up in placements/exams they blame the prof and the system, which is both sad and hilarious.

    Just find a group of like minded people and stick with them, seriously.
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