So it looks like Ghosting is the new thing for recruiters and companies in this field?

once they decide you are not worth their time whether it be 5 days or 5 weeks of your time that they wasted?

Fuck this shit, fuck all you who Ghost people, if you send paperwork to be signed, and are all up in one's shit for more than 3 days asking for work to be done that you don't pay for, then just fucking disappear!!!


I deserve at least a "thank you but you suck", or a "so sorry but you suck"

This happened 8 months ago on the 5th and final interview of a company as well, and now a recruiting company does this?

If I make it to the 5th motherfucking interview you better send me a response assholes!!!

You know how much time I've spent for you?? You didn't pay me for any of my time or any of the work you asked me to do, or any of the assessments or tests you had me complete!

Now this recruiter who apparently didn't like my own assessment of their assessments decides to do the same.

I am fucking pissed.

If you ghost people, STOP!

It is shitty, and you are a shitty person!

and if it is company that does this shit,



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    Send an invoice.
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    Good Idea. Just to make a point.
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    It happened to me months ago.

    I was looking for an internship, followed by an apprenticeship. A big company near my home contacted me on Linkedin. I was very interested, and replied to their proposition.

    Since that, I've never received any response to my apply. Despite my reminders on Linkedin, or the e-mails that i sent directly to the recruiter. I also gave my cell phone number because he requested it (but yeah, i'll never do that again...).

    So ... meh, fuck it, and fuck the recruiters who ghost you :)
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    It is probably the most rude and emotion provoking thing anyone can do.

    How do you take anyone or even any company seriously that does this?

    I mean in my head I say dodged a bullet. but in reality it is a shitty way to do business regardless of industry.

    It has never happened to me in 20 years in other industries, only this one.

    I am finding in this field people are less professional than even janitors or maids.

    I mean, what gives anyone the right to think there is a point they don't have to be professional? what gives them the mentality that they are better than any other profession and they have no need to act like a professional?

    It is only in this field that I see this behavior.

    The most unprofessional, unethical behavior I have witnessed in this field. Like dealing with spoiled brats. Seriously!
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    New? What? No, they've always done it. My own experience is that probably seven out of ten interactions with recruiters, in which I've wanted to keep talking, have ended with the recruiter making an unprofessional Irish exit.
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    One interaction was with a recruiter recently, it was a company actually, like a headhunting/temp agency called RobertHalf Technology and one was an actual company I was on the 5th and final interview for, an interview the the CEO.

    It is complete bullshit. These aren't just individuals posing as recruiters, these are companies. I guess with a shitty policy.
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    I don't deal with Robert Half, for this exact reason. I think their recruiters must be in their first recruiting jobs, because they all do it. The volume of paperwork they make you wade through is insane too, given the way they treat you.

    I will tell them bluntly that I don't do business with their company.
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    Hello xx,

    Not exactly sure why you have not answered, I hope it is only because you are extremely busy or had an emergency.

    If it is simply because you have decided I am no longer a viable candidate, you can continue reading my response, as you should know by our recent interactions, I am very confident in my abilities and I have no problem speaking the truth or how I feel about certain situations, which in most cases is admired in an associate as you will always get a straight honest answer from them.

    It is very unprofessional for a company to not at least acknowledge they no longer have a need or a want to do business with someone they intentionally reached out to in the first place.

    I guess this is called ghosting as I've read. I am not sure why this is the only industry that thinks being this unprofessional is ok. But not answering or giving a final email as to one's status, especially after expecting them to do tasks for which you assigned to them, is completely unacceptable.
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    I won't have much of a problem switching companies if I so choose. In fact, I am still as yet undecided, which is why I have not given priority to the tasks you wanted complete. I have a very busy schedule and if you believe my time isn't as important or worth even a response, then you really should not be in the recruitment industry.

    I have a really good thing going right now with my current employer, even if it is for lower pay. So I am definitely not desperate.

    You were the first person I just randomly decided to answer an email from, but I see now if the policy of your company is to just ghost potential candidates, if for some reason they are deemed unsatisfactory to continue on with, is certainly unprofessional.

    I hope you find the candidates who are persuasive enough to fulfill your clients needs, but they most certainly aren't the best candidates, or even candidates with the best potential, that are out there.
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    My response, fuck it, I am not desperate.
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    Lol, well I got a response :D
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    @bittersweet I don't understand the fact of sending an invoice.

    What if the other party refuses to pay and denies it altogether?

    What guarantees the money?
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    It is symbolic gesture, they most certainly won't pay it.
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    Good to know. I have never worked with any recruiters, this is my first time so I don't know the protocol.

    I did get a response though lol. They said they still wanted to work with me.
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    @Floydian It's not a smart thing to do, because it's basically a passive aggressive way of raising your middlefinger. But it can be fun.
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    @bittersweet just to fuck over 😂😂😂😂😂

    @Bitwise got it..
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    The self righteous recruiters claim that the opposite side (candidate) does ghosting. I see same shit all over my LinkedIn feed
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    Yes, after this experience I will never work with RobertHalf, what a bunch of jokers.

    Never met such idiots.
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